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Mikhail will be at the Ann Arbor Artisan and Farmer's market all Saturdays during the months of November and December. If you have a special or unusually large order please send it to us beforehand and Mikhail will bring it with him to the market!


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Please note that Chris will be overseas for the last week of November and the first couple of weeks in December. Accordingly, all mail orders that are received between now and December 18 will be shipped on December 19 (which will still arrive at their destinations a few days before Christmas). < > For those who are interested in getting certified to commercially forage wild mushrooms sign up for a workshop at


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Composter Mushroom kit

Produces up to 25 pounds of mushrooms a year outdoors!

The Composter is a deliciously large mushroom that can be grilled like a Portabella or chopped and prepared like button mushrooms. Its' ease of cultivation makes it perfectly suited for the establishment of a perennial, outdoor mushroom garden. Simply mix the spawn included in the kit with fresh hardwood chips, cover the patch with straw or burlap, and leave it undisturbed for 4-6 months. Abundant fruitings of beautiful, wine-capped mushrooms will emerge all summer long. This kit definitely delivers the most bang for your buck-your Composter mushroom garden is capable of delivering up to 25 pounds of mushrooms annually! In addition, once your original Composter patch is established, you may mix some of the colonized wood chips from the patch with fresh chips in order to establish new mushroom gardens for yourself and your friends. And, as the name implies, the Composter mushroom can be used to compost many types of yard debris such as sticks, twigs, grass clippings and leaves. Your Composter patch will be the talk of your neighborhood!


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$21.99 plus 11.99 s/h

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